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by JesterSun
Wed Mar 08, 2023 3:42 pm
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Topic: MyInfo running on Wine
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MyInfo running on Wine

I'm trying to get MyInfo to work on Linux Mint using Wine. I know this has been mentioned in the past but I don't think anyone has posted a successful solution. I'm using MyInfo 6.38 (still). I've paid for v8 to support the project but 6.38 still works well for me. Using Wine 8.0.0 stable I'm very n...
by JesterSun
Sun Aug 02, 2015 2:44 pm
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Topic: [partially fixed in 6.35]Few Issues
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[partially fixed in 6.35]Few Issues

I'm trying out the trial version of MyInfo (standard version). Just want to make a few comments. I'm coming from Keynote, so MyInfo is very familiar. I've used Keynote for years, but it's recently become very slow at saving, due to my increasing file size. MyInfo seems to be a better, nicer version ...