Behavior of the note-title editor on two different displays

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Behavior of the note-title editor on two different displays

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Hi Petko,
thank you for the update (7.1) – it's quite incredible what you are working.

Now I tested 7.1 but the problem I had with previous versions of 7 is still there, it's actually a bug as it occours now to me.
It's the following: I work with two displays, one is the display of a notebook and one standalone table display, both of the same resolution 1920x1080. The difference is in the size. The display of the notebook is 12,5'' the big one is about 24'' diameter.

When I have the program window on the notebook display, the window has a certain size and everything works fine. Particularly the note title editor; do I want to insert or edit a title, the slice opens and I can type in the title.

Now when I drag the window to the big display on which I normally work, happens the following: The first part of the dragged program window gets unproportionally big, and when I go on with pulling it over, then at about the half of the move the window gets the 'normal' size again. JUST: If I want to edit or insert a note title in the tree, the editing slice opens normally, BUT THE FONT SIZE IS IN THE SAME WAY UNPROPORTIONALLY BIG as the first half of the window when moving it over. The big letters just vanish downward in the editing window and are not to read anymore since only a little part of them is visible. So if I want to work with the program I have to pull the window over onto the notebook at every new or edited title to be able to see the whole charakters and then pull it back.

Now I don't know whether in the depths of the program there is some command to change this behavior or not but but if not, this prevents me to work with the program. In version 6 works everything fine.
Any idea?
Greetings – Peter

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