How to create a PDF from a note keeping hyperlinks?

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How to create a PDF from a note keeping hyperlinks?

Post by cadudesun »

I could create a PDF from a note by using 'File > Print', then choosing a PDF printer from my system (e.g. Microsoft Print to PDF).
The output layout was great, although there was a shortcoming:
All hyperlinks were removed from the note. I mean, the blue underlined text was there, but not clickable anymore.
I think the issue of removed hyperlinks from the PDF output is related to the "Microsoft Print to PDF" (and other ones I tried).
For instance, I performed a PDF printing from Evernote, the issue was there.
Nonetheless, when I created a PDF from Evernote using the proper exporting functionality 'File > Export Note as PDF' the PDF was created with the hyperlinks.
Is there any way to create a PDF from a note in MyInfo keeping the hyperlinks?
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Post by Petko »

Sounds like we need to offer native PDF export for this functionality too..
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