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Some sentences

Post by Alex »

Hi everybody!
Since 2005, I have been an active user of Evernore. And now, unable to withstand the refusal of the support of support for V6 of their application, I switched to MyInfo (having tried several other applications before).

MyInfo is a great solution. Given that it is not attached to the server, most likely I will remain its user forever.

But there are several suggestions that I propose to consider:
  • (!) Increase the width of the drop -down list when the tag is added to the note. At least twice. In the presence of several levels of tags of the current width, there is not enough.
  • (!) The ability to attach an attachment at any place of the note, and not only in its lower part
  • (!) The ability to present a picture in a note as a file (icon), and, most importantly, the ability to open it in an external program with a double click
  • (!) Editing tags in tag panel (color, style, etc.)
  • History of notes as in Evernote
  • The ability to see the basic information about the note (date of creation, date of change, etc.) without using attributes
  • Increase the limit of the volume of notes, perfectly up to 200 MB
  • Encryption of any selected note; рassword requirement at each opening of the note
  • The ability to choose a specific notebook and a specific section to preserve in Web Clipper
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Post by Petko »

Alex, thanks for the suggestions!

Actually, MyInfo note limit s 200 MB. The documentation was wrong about it, so I will correct it.
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