Roadmap ?

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Roadmap ?

Post by pjmiller »

Is there a document/forum post available anywhere giving details of what might be planned for the next release of MyInfo?

Is there any clue as to approximately when the next release will be?

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Post by wsp »

I'll let Petko speak for himself, but I would just offer this quote from a comment he made on Bits du Jour last December: "As for what's new in MyInfo 7, I can't give details yet, because it is too early. However, the focus of MyInfo 7 will be to introduce a new file format, which will be cross-platform and allow us to develop clients for other platforms (Mac, Android, iOS)."
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Post by Petko »

I am afraid there are no news about MyInfo 7 yet that are worth sharing, however it is still in development!
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Post by Coolrat »

I am really looking forward to a new verison.

Though MyInfo is still my #1 tool, my work seems to be hampered by the lack of a proper hierarchical keyword/tag system. The web-clipping tool is still rather weak (compared to InfoQube, UltraRecall, MyBase).
A mobile phone app that allows easy import into Myinfo would stop me from using Evernote (don't like giant corporations holding my data).

The feature that I think would attract researchers in droves would be the ability to select portions sections of text and apply a keyword to that entire section. All sections of text coded with particular keywords could be brought together in summary reports. This would allow MyInfo to function as a QDA (Qualitative Data Analysis) application. Low cost QDA tools just dont' really exist (other than SilvaElm's amazing SENSE program), and there must be a demand out there.

And of course, making MyInfo cross-platform would allow many of us to drop Windows entirely and move to Linux.

I mentioned many of these ideas on the UserVoice page where we can vote for features that we want to see in MyInfo

Wishing Petko smooth and rapid coding so he can deliver a new version 7!
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Post by pjmiller »

I do not have a need for a QDA (Qualitative Data Analysis) tool, but I really could use a Hierarchical Tagging/Keyword system.

That would be a huge step forward.

There are only a few programs with a Hierarchical Tagging/Keyword system, one program which does have this is ConnectedText, which is good but it's more of a wiki than a outliner.

The other program I know of which has such a system is MyBase which is a failiure in so many other ways. Put more than 300 Mb of data in a file and it stops working.

Petko please consider a Hierarchical Tagging/Keyword system for inclusion in a future version of MyInfo.