[partially fixed in 6.35]Few Issues

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[partially fixed in 6.35]Few Issues

Post by JesterSun »

I'm trying out the trial version of MyInfo (standard version). Just want to make a few comments.

I'm coming from Keynote, so MyInfo is very familiar. I've used Keynote for years, but it's recently become very slow at saving, due to my increasing file size. MyInfo seems to be a better, nicer version of Keynote.

I've noticed a couple of (quite minor) issues:
1) - It doesn't save the main window's maximised state if you exit the program using the Taskbar menu 'Exit' command, when the program is minimised to the taskbar. If you start the program again, the main window is in Restored state (not maximised).
2) - The program doesn't save each document's scroll/cursor position. Or I can't find how to do that. I think that would be useful.

I'm certain I'll get buy the program at the end of the trial period. Thanks for your great work.
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Post by Petko »

We have fixed 1) in the upcoming 6.35 release. As for the document position - it is currently stored only during the session (and lost when you exit the program or close the topic).