To make entry in 'Save' option faster

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To make entry in 'Save' option faster

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Dear Petko,
thank you for your answer. After restarting of the program spellchecking is in fact deactivated. The spell-check function is very useful but sometimes I need a clean image of the text.

Here again a suggestion:
Its very hindering, when Tools > Oprions > Save at every item compells one to navigate to the irectory, one wants MyInfo to work.

It shuld there be a possibility to make a textfiles with the desired paths and then copy and paste the vhole list at once into the list of saving/working defaults.

The current solution takes a lot of time and unnecessary work to change the working directories any time I am working on a different issue at a different location.

OK - now at further work occured the "Directory"-Slot at the feet of the navigation-window, so I can at least there paste the current working dirs, but even this way takes time to paste it six times in instad of all at once...

Greetings – Peter