MyInfo 4.22 ver info - error?

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MyInfo 4.22 ver info - error?

Post by Crystal401 »


I just installed the Pro version of 4.22 that you released today.
When I went to the help>about menu, I get
TRIAL VERSION message in red.

Would appreciate if you could clarify-
Thank you!

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Post by sokrne1 »

I, too, am having the same thing come up when I check in the Help | About screen. It says it's the trial version. I'm a registered user. From what I can tell, when I purchased the upgrade to version 4.0, I was just sent to a link to download a licensed upgrade -- I was not provided with a registration or serial number.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Note: I am also sending this message to tech support.

Take care,
MyInfo Support
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Post by Petko »

We have accidentally placed the trial version instead of the registered version in MyInfo Pro packages. We will fix that immediately (and will send notification update to all MyInfo Pro users)!
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Post by ecs3 »

I am having the same issue with the standard version; I do not know where to locate the license key or how to enter it; all I have is the order number showing my paid standard version.