"read-Only" app for Android

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"read-Only" app for Android

Post by rst »

It would be nice, if a "read-only" android app would be available. Is something similar planned
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Post by Petko »

Yes, there are plans for such an app (and later for a full-blown app, where you will be able to edit notes too).
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Post by SleepyBalrog »

Are there plans for iOS Aps too?
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Post by ha-kg »

We are now in July 2021
Still working on Android version?
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Post by Ivan »

+1 for a read-only app.

I don't think anyone uses text processors to seriously edit anything on the phone. Read-only app would probably be a lot less work than a full-blow editor so I would suggest to start with that. It should be optimized for search/viewing workflows.
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Post by Archivist »

I would actually love a real edit Android app. I have a tablet and it would be great!
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