Clipped table background text color change problem.

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Clipped table background text color change problem.

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Problem I noticed yesterday.
- Tried both "Send to MyInfo as Selection" and as Copy / Quick Paste. (Append: Also tried "Send as" MyInfo Full Page Editable)
- Selected and clipped table data from web.
- Select multiple or single cell in MyInfo note.
- Change background color (to highlight).
The color changes fine. However if I go to another note and switch back to the one I changed, the color changes are gone.

I've tried reproducing it to see exactly when it happens but I don't see any rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes it will keep the changes, other times it won't. I've tried selecting somewhere else in the note after I change the background color but that doesn't seem to matter.

It's happening today also and that's after shutting the computer down a few times since last night.

To reference what table data I'm using - I haven't tried any other tables yet.
I only clipped / copied after selecting the table part of the page.

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