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"Links to" functionalities like the "backlinks" ones

Posted: Wed Aug 04, 2021 3:59 pm
by cadudesun

The recent implement "backlinks" functionalities are great!
I'd like to suggest the same functionalities to the "links to" referred in a note.
Although the "links to" are embedded in the note body, their identification demands perusing the full note.
Since some notes are lengthier, the "links to" can't be identified at a glance.
Another issue is that "links to" can be mixed up with regular links regarding their visual identification (blue+underlined font).
If "links to" have the same "backlinks" functionalities, their identification and navigation would be much easier.
As shown in the attached sketch, from the note heading, every link information - leading to or referred by a note - would be available at a glance.

Thank you,
Link to.png
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