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Bookmark icon color from red to blue, to avoid visual confusion with priority, red flag or other "warning" indicator

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2022 2:26 pm
by cadudesun

This is a suggestion for a minor improvement that in my use case would make a great difference.
I capture into MyInfo plenty of bookmarked content, which has a red icon.
Then I set red flags or priority icons nearby, and there is a certain visual confusion to identify at glance "warning" indicators from red bookmarks.
As shown in the screenshot below, I tested a blue bookmark (in Photoshop), which seemed to avoid the mentioned visual confusion.

My suggestion is twofold:

a) Set the default bookmark icon color to other than red, being blue a possibility, in case this visual changing may benefit users generally.

b) Alternatively, add a new bookmark bluish color icon, so that the users can set their own template for bookmark.

Thank you,

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