support for searching underscore as a suffix (word_suffix)

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support for searching underscore as a suffix (word_suffix)

Post by cadudesun »

I'd like to suggest support for searching underscore as a suffix.
For instance, MyInfo can't search for _suffix in the following strings:


I use a lot of suffixes with underscore in file and documents names, and when I import them to MyInfo they can't be search.
In the Windows file system, I use the underscore exactly to create unique matches and make searching faster and efficient.
More examples:

By searching for _2022 or _07 I could find content created in a given year or month respectively.

By searching for _review or _test I could find content that are for being reviewed or tested.
The suffixes _review or _test could be recreated as MyInfo tags. But it would demand further tagging effort, and since those suffixes already exist as a title note, tagging would be really unnecessary. Simply searching would do the job.

Also, searching for _suffixes would bring a lot of possibilities to better organization, visualization and retrieval of note titles created directly within MyInfo.

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Post by Telesto »

I unable to reproduce. Or I'm misunderstanding the issue. What I tried:

1. Create a note called: name_2022_07
2. Type title:_2022 in search field & hit enter. -> Does give a hit.

To start with; workflows a matter of personal preference and how pre-existing data being arranged. So not saying you're system being 'wrong'. Those suffixes are in my view a kind of meta-data. I would tend to see those suffix as additional (custom) attributes. Adding those to the title is messy; those suffix are additional attributes

I mostly don't know my suffixes in advance, those develop over time. And adding new suffixes pre-existing also bit cumbersome.
And well the title size exploded.

At the same time I did sometimes like to have meta-data visible in the title. I kind of proposed a way to create a dynamic title column: Splitting the meta data to different attributes, but being able to have an aggregated title: Like: %TITLE% + %YEAR% + %MONTH%

See bug: viewtopic.php?p=14651
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