Will MyInfo Run on a Mobile Device: Andriod/iOS/IPadOS

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Will MyInfo Run on a Mobile Device: Andriod/iOS/IPadOS

Post by cnewtonne »

I noticed in the documentation that the new database-backed file format will allow for ...
Cross-platform compatibility: the new file format will allow us to share the same files between MyInfo applications for different PC/mobile platforms.
I understand developing a mobile client is a major undertaking. But, will the technology you used to develop MyInfo (UI/controls/libraries/database file format) allow you to develop a mobile client at some point in the future? If yes, this is pretty ambitious and I hope we get to see that day :)

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Post by InjAnnuity_1 »

I hope so, too. Along with decent portable keyboards... :wink:

With Windows 10 reaching end-of-life next year, we are going to see a hundred million PCs suddenly obsoleted, long before they've stopped working. Many of the PCs I use will likely switch over to Linux, possibly Linux + Wine. I would love to be able to continue to use MyInfo on those PCs.

So, consider this to be a "heads up" alert for that opportunity!
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Post by Coolrat »

I was using MyInfo 6 on WINE in Linux for many years. MyInfo 7 would not run properly in Linux, so I had to move it to a virtual machine installation of Windows 10. MyInfo 8 has the same problems as version 7 and will not run properly in Linux.
The problem appears to be the lack of support in WINE for the Chrome browser version that is used in MyInfo 7 and 8.
Hopefully this problem will be fixed either in WINE project, or if MyInfo switches to a different version of Chrome for its document pane.

At any rate, the best option would be to have a native Linux version of MyInfo! I've been hoping for that for 10 years :)
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