Web Clipper: define notebook and section

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Web Clipper: define notebook and section

Post by dbroccardo »

I'd like to be able to define a default notebook and section that all new clipping should be added to.
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Post by lbw2112 »


As of now you can select which Notebook they go (Tools>Options>Send to Myinfo>Select where Web Clipper will place your snippets) but not what section or where in that section so we need that.

Would be ideal to be able to select - Notebook, Section, and (where in that section) - Top of List, Bottom of List, Under Selected item.

I know we've discussed this before on the forum since it's easy to lose where they're saved depending on where the selected Item is.

The only solution that was easy for me was to create a new Notebook that I call "Inbox" or "Clips" and have the clips going there. No sections or anything else. Then I just move them from that database to others. It's a work around but not ideal.
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Post by Petko »

This is planned at some point.
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