Refining Imported attributes

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Refining Imported attributes

Post by InjAnnuity_1 »

I'm using the OPML plugin to load some elementary database schemas, for further documentation. That is, I am loading the *definitions* of tables and columns, not their actual rows and columns.

This means creating some new, user-defined attributes for things like the column-type. This is a non-SQL database, so the column types are very limited, and easy to express as the values of a single-choice attribute.

Behavior of MyInfo (or perhaps it's the OPML plugin which is misbehaving)
Now, if I have the attribute already defined (before Import), as a single-choice attribute, the imported values of that attribute do not appear. Instead, a new attribute type is created, and the imported attribute values end up there instead.

If I do not have the attribute defined, so that Import defines the attribute, then I cannot refine the attribute definition. The Import process defined the attribute as a single- or multi-line text type, and that's it. I can't change the attribute definition, to describe it, accurately, as the single-choice attribute it really is.

At least, I haven't found a way to update the attribute definition, properly.

Am I missing something?

Is this by design?

Is this a bug?

Can I write my own Importer / Exporter, to put the incoming data into the correct attribute?
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Post by Petko »

I was busy with the release of MyInfo 8 and had no time to tackle this issue. Do you still need a fix for this?
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