Workflow to File Items in a Large Tree

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Workflow to File Items in a Large Tree

Post by pdackerman »

While working in MyInfo I typically create new items in an Inbox section. At the end of the day I file those items where they belong in a large outline. As the outline has grown, moving items up and down or dragging items where they belong has become unwieldly.

Does anyone have a similar workflow with a better way to rearrange items?
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Post by Telesto »

Sounds pretty familiar to me :wink:. Still trying to figure out the optimal solution.

I'm kind of considering a side-by-side view of two tree's and drag/drop. This currently already possible, by opening an new window.
Next dragging the note from Window A to Window B.

Issue's at this point
1) Sorting within the same section, using two windows isn't really working. Because, both scroll to the same position after drag/drop action. It does work with two different sections
2) Focus issues if both windows are maximized.
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