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HOW TO? Search on tags across Sections

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2023 8:57 pm
by pehendrix
I use conventions for tags (e.g., #TagName for General; @TagName for authors, sources, and other entities; etc.).
For example, #AI; @ChatGPT; etc.
I'd like to search for Notes across sections that contain a particular Tag (e.g., #AI) - unfortunately, unless I'm mistaken, MyInfo returns posts that contain the TagName, with or without the prefix. So a search for #AI would return notes w/ AI in the Note, whether or not it was tagged with #AI.
Once can search in the Tag box by #AI and Myinfo returns the relevant notes; however, that works only w/in that Section.
How can one search for Notes w/ a particular Tag (i) across sections; and (ii) return only Notes with the appropriate tag.