Hyperlink formatting issues with imported TXT files

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Hyperlink formatting issues with imported TXT files

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5 years ago, hyperlinks to websites contained in my MyInfo 6 files imported into MyInfo 7 caused those links all to appear in Arial 10-pt font when my display font was set for Verdana 11-pt. See viewtopic.php?p=9805&hilit=arial#p9805

The hyperlink formatting issue has continued even with MyInfo 8 version [7888].
1. Have my normal note display font set to Verdana 11-pt.
2. Add plain text (TXT) files into my notebook by importing a folder of files or by drag-and-drop of individual files.
3. Normal text in the notes displays as Verdana 11-pt but all hyperlinks to websites are changed to Arial 10-pt font.
4. I have to manually reformat each hyperlink to Verdana 11-pt font.

Is there, or will there be, a solution?
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