control header/footer size when printing

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control header/footer size when printing

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Loving new version MI! So appreciate dark theme option which is a huge help for text-intensive types like me : )

That said, since I can no longer control Header/Footer font size when printing.
It's printing at about 7-8 point type, and impossible to read. Did not have this problem w/ MI 6.
Headers /Page Numbers sizes are a real problem for me, because I print out multi-page chapter drafts, and long-length manuscript pages.
Using: WIN 8.1; Epson Workforce 3620 which is no longer updated, but won't be replaced until November, but has worked with all prev. vers. of MI.

Need instructions on how to change Header/Footer font size...
Is there a fix in the works?
Anyone else experience this problem?

Thanks for a wonderful new, MI, Petko! Dark Theme is making my life better by stopping the *white out* effect. And I build my life and workflow around MyInfo.
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